What is C2?

C2 is the home of indie game studio Robinson Technologies (RTsoft).

It’s also sometimes a weird little cafe/hackerspace open to anybody.

Feel free to come by to do stuff like have a drink, use tools to fix your Atari 2600, check our rotating retro-computing/gaming exhibits or just work on your game or project in a chill environment and use our stuff.

Please follow us on facebook/twitter to get notified about special events and when we’re open.


    • Meeting room with audio/visual setup for presentations
    • VR/media room, computers, cameras, 2D & 3D printers, cutter
    • Soldering station & workbench, parts and tools for smd/retro/arduino/pi
    • Rotating hands-on retro exhibits from the 90+ computers/consoles in our collection
    • Tool usage is free with drink purchase (plus the cost of parts/materials when applicable)
    • Non-smoking, bike parking available
    • Need a place to stay?  Check out C2 Kyoto Suite, we’re a licensed hotel
    • Need a place to meetup?  If you’re doing something cool/communal/educational we’d love to host you for free.  Otherwise contact us for rental pricing.

Location: 14 minute walk north from Kyoto station – we’re a few blocks from Gojō subway station (5th & Karasuma).

Contact us:  c2kyoto@rtsoft.com

Need to do stuff like laser cutting, routing, injection molding?  Check out Kyoto Makers Garage